Welcome to My Art Blog

Thank you for stopping by my blog. Perhaps in time I will think of a nicer name than simply Blog, but for now this small piece of the internet is home to my thoughts on my art. I sincerely appreciate you visiting.

I hope that you will find my posts interesting. I am not a writer, but I do enjoy writing and talking about how I feel. If what I write resonates with you, I would love to know. I am a realist painter, but my art is about so much more than depicting what I see (although I certainly take great care to do that). No, more than that I use scenes from my world to make paintings that say something about how I feel. Design choices, composition, groupings of paintings that become a series… a story… Does anyone else remember the Cam Jansen tween books? Cam was a fictional fifth grade sleuth with a photographic memory who would close her eyes and say “click” to take a mental image. Before you think “that’s an odd segue” it’s actually a pretty good image of how I spend my days. I am always looking for my next painting amidst the compositions of everyday life. I often think about life, and love and loss, memories good and bad, and the fleeting nature of all these moments lived in a particular place at a particular time. I think those feelings and ideas that pull at my own heart are universal, and if my work speaks to you at all, then I hope you will enjoy my writing on my work and artistic process.

I originally began this blog in 2018. After a long hiatus from the art world the desire to fill a website with my new art and the schedule of regularly posting about that art really kept me on track (it must be the project manager in me…). It was also a really great way to connect with others. Then in 2019 we moved our family from Ontario to New Brunswick and the posting fell to the wayside. I made my way back to painting, and now here I am, back to posting. By subscribing to my blog, you are allowing me to connect with you through my monthly posts. When I first started writing about my work, I just had the idea that I wanted to be saying something. Since then, I had have a little more time to reflect on the fleeting (and rapidly consumed) nature of social media. Posting my art on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to share my work, but it’s all just a little too bite size. This blog gives me a chance to reveal my thoughts behind it. My goal for my art work is simple but big: I want to make good art that resonates with others. I want to say something worthwhile – maybe sometimes even something important. This blog is about my work, and my journey navigating the professional art world. Thank you for reading and for your support. You can reach me at evachristensenart@gmail.com.


On Painting What I see

Whenever I want to introduce people to my personal art history, I always start with the sentence, I’ve been making art my whole life… but then I kind of hesitate on that because it seems like one of those idioms that good writers are supposed to avoid… like saying that you gave 110% effort. It…

Inspiration in Unlikely Places

An artists’ guide to finding brilliant ideas in a pizza delivery box – or wherever else you least expect it. This painting, and this post, are inspired by a photo of our three vizslas lined up and waiting for pizza scraps to be shared with them. But let’s back up a little bit. Our dogs…

(Not) Born to Run

Thoughts from the dining room table as we transition to a new life in the Maritimes. We made it! And just like that, I feel like I literally exploded my old life. We packed up all of our belongings, spent one last night sleeping on the (very bare and very hard) living room floor in…

What a Difference a Little Time Makes.

In art. And in life. Wow. It’s been a really long time since I last posted. Every winter, once the New Year’s festivities are over and all the fun of the holidays is behind us, I always start a mental countdown to spring. And my mental countdown always seems to move.so.slowly, punctuated by snowstorm upon…


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