My name is Eva Christensen. I live and paint from my home in Hanwell, New Brunswick. I recharge by spending time with my husband and our dogs, and I am kept grounded by our cats who think nothing of drinking my paint water and walking across my paintings as they dry.

I always say that I paint what I see. But really, I paint what I want to remember.

I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario, where I was first introduced to watercolour painting by a neighbouring artist more than thirty years ago. I painted with her every Wednesday after school for a few years, and it was through this mentorship that my own signature style began to form. My work has always been rooted in realism. I look back on paintings of houses and people I created when I was twelve years old, and I can see in them the same attention to detail and composition that are a hallmark of my work today. My paintings have evolved as my surroundings have evolved. It was not until I moved to Fredericton, New Brunswick with my husband in early 2019 that I began to seriously build my art portfolio. I finally combined years of building technical skill with the everyday views that I find so inspiring – the architecture of downtown Fredericton, the landscapes, our adventures exploring our new home.  

I work exclusively from reference photos that I take carefully to capture light, composition, and narrative qualities that I think would translate well when recreated as paintings. Even though I primarily paint what I see, I am focused on more than capturing details. My painting today is driven by capturing memories – the reality of a specific moment in time and place and all the wonderful little details that deserve to be remembered. It is these little details that connect viewers to my work.  

Please explore my website to view more of my work!  

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  1. I was gifted one of your paintings this past Christmas. It’s a colourful floral in warm colours. No name was showing -hidden behind the mat I guess. I asked my giver about the piece. She gave me your name, I googled and found you. This painting has found its home in Belleville Ontario. It will be enjoyed.

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