Hi! I’m Eva. Welcome to Eva Christensen Art. I am a Fredericton-based artist and I live with my husband, three dogs, and two (soon-to-be going on three) cats. I have been drawing and painting and creating my entire life. Just like the movie Fame, I went to a high school for students interested in pursuing the arts (think dancers stretching by their lockers and drama students rehearsing atop picnic tables at lunch – and of course, the visual arts students, lugging around easels and toolboxes down the halls from math class to art class). I grew up in Mississauga, ON where I was accepted into the Cawthra Park S.S. visual arts program. There I spent five years totally immersed in visual art. It was such a unique art experience and it has really coloured 😉 every aspect of my life. For a number of reasons I decided to study science in university, and that first day of undergrad biochemistry at Queen’s really marked the start of an exceptionally long break from painting. After finishing eight years of post-secondary, working in healthcare for many more years, and finally moving into a house with my husband and our sweet pets (at last a door to keep the cats away from the paintbrushes!) I returned to painting seriously in 2018. Please follow me as I grow my portfolio and explore the art world and my place in it. 

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  1. I was gifted one of your paintings this past Christmas. It’s a colourful floral in warm colours. No name was showing -hidden behind the mat I guess. I asked my giver about the piece. She gave me your name, I googled and found you. This painting has found its home in Belleville Ontario. It will be enjoyed.

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