Hi! I’m Eva. Welcome to evachristensenart. I have been drawing and painting and creating my entire life. Just like the movie Fame, I went to a high school for students interested in pursuing the arts (think dancers stretching by their lockers and drama students rehearsing from atop picnic tables at lunch). I was accepted into the visual arts program and spent four years totally immersed in art. It was such a unique experience and it really coloured every aspect of my life. For a number of reasons I decided to study science in university. My first day of undergrad marked the start of an exceptionally long break from painting. I found that nothing kills inspiration like molecular biology. Now, after finishing eight years of university, working in healthcare for many more years, and finally moving into a house with my husband and our sweet pets (at last a door to keep the cats away from the paintbrushes!) I returned to painting seriously in 2018. Please follow me as I grow my portfolio and explore the art world and my place in it. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I was gifted one of your paintings this past Christmas. It’s a colourful floral in warm colours. No name was showing -hidden behind the mat I guess. I asked my giver about the piece. She gave me your name, I googled and found you. This painting has found its home in Belleville Ontario. It will be enjoyed.

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