Those Summer Nights.

Halifax Harbour at Night. January 2019. Watercolour and ink on Canson watercolour board. 9 x 12″.

I was zero for two on Thursday evening in terms of following plans. I didn’t go for a run (it was soooooo cold and I didn’t hear any dogs complaining about the cancellation) and I didn’t get any oil painting done. My canvases are ready to go but I wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it’s good to take a little break before diving back in – oil painting seems a little more serious to me. And maybe because it’s the beginning of January, my thoughts are definitely on warmer days, and I’ve been busy painting scenes from last year’s summer vacation (again). Fortunately, I was up bright and early this morning to take the dogs for a run and make up for being a bad dog mom yesterday. 🙂 AND I finished two paintings last night!

My favourite painting of the two is the feature of today’s post, Halifax Harbour at Night – wishing I had filmed myself painting this one now! This is from a great nighttime walk we took around the waterfront on the August 2018 long weekend.

Some detail views:

I really love the contrasting colours in this painting. Orange and blue colour schemes are always so pleasing to me! I used a mix of Windsor & Newton artist quality watercolour and gouache paints. The opacity of the gouache paints was really essential for getting the nighttime scene right with the reflection off the water. Maybe a little bit of a watercolour cheat but I love how it turned out.

I used my new Canson watercolour artboards. They have a cold-press texture. They remind me of Strathmore watercolour paper. Quality-wise the Canson artboards are definitely inferior to something like Arches watercolour paper but they are just so easy to use! There’s just something very appealing to me about these sheets and I realize I keep talking about them but I can’t stop!

I’m feeling super productive right now, I’m on a good run. I made a time-lapse video of myself working on my first painting of the night, View of Dartmouth Ferry, Halifax Harbour and you can watch it here 🙂

I have a few photos from downtown Fredericton that are next in line for a painting and that will probably wrap up my east coast series.

I’ve been toying with the idea of photographing these east coast watercolour paintings and getting some high quality prints done that I can sell. Ah, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, I’m not sure. These paintings have been consistently some of my most popular. If I did do it I was wondering about the format I would print them in – just 9 x 12″ pictures that could be framed, or maybe sets of blank greeting cards, or post cards?? Thoughts?

Any feedback would be very appreciated!! Have any other artists done this (sold prints)? Care to share your experiences? Erica Kilbourn wrote this excellent post about making art prints. Ever since I read it I’ve been thinking these maritime watercolours would be great for my first set of reproductions. Stay tuned!

Thank you for visiting. I’ll be back Sunday with a recap of the week and plans for next week. Happy Friday!

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