2 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. Greetings Eva from Comox, BC — on Vancouver Island.
    I adore your watercolours!
    One in particular with the dog on top of the hay bale …
    Your play of pastel brush dabs, swirls and bold brush strokes invite the viewer into your story.
    The pastel colours work beautifully with the shadow brush strokes of the hay bale and I am transported into smelling the fragrances of late summer and feeling. the wind in my hair.
    Well done.
    Carol Garvie
    Comox, BC


    1. Hello carol, thank you for this incredibly thoughtful comment. I love what you are able to see in my work and it makes me so happy to find out that you have felt invited into my story from the other side of our country. I think so often of the passing of time and how memories are fleeting. Especially in recent years my paintings have very much become a reflection of my personal story and it was so apt of you to recognize that. Thank you again so much for reaching out, I really appreciate it.


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